For the complete squidification of the del Sol, follow these posts in this order.


Just to give you an idea of the start of this….

This little red Honda was in pretty bad shape. It needed a complete paint job and some body work as well.

Concept Art

Here is the final concept art for the project.

Inspirational Squid

….and some octopodes….

These are various pictures off the web to help give inspiration.

After Body & Paint

This looks dull because they deliberately sand it down in preparation for the airbrushed graphic.
But still, it’s a great improvement already!
They call this color “Candy Apple Red”.

Airbrushing in Progress

Apparently they wrap the car in some sort of paper in order to get the positioning just right, then they tear away the paper as they paint the final artwork.

Airbrushing Finished

At this point the car still looks dull, because there isn’t a clear-coat on top yet.

Finished del Squid

After the final clear-coats were added, the car is very shiny!